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The road to the Primary Election begins with Caucus on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. This is also the best path for you to get involved and support Abe’s campaign for Douglas County Commissioner District 1. It is extremely easy to help Abe win, with very little time commitment. For starters, I encourage you to find your local precinct venue, dcgop.org/CheckPrecinct, and plan to attend.

Why should you support me?

I am your conservative, Republican candidate supporting liberty, law enforcement, entrepreneurs, lower taxes, the Second Amendment, faith, school choice, and our traditional family values. I have the freshest voice coupled with the most land use experience as well as the highest level of education (doctorate, J.D.).

  • MOST QUALIFIED. Extensive finance and budgeting background coupled with 15 years of complex legal and land use experience. With me, you get the whole package.
  • 100% ABOUT SERVICE. Not in need of a title or a new job, I’ve already been a private sector equity law partner for many years.
  • NO NEPOTISM OR FAVORITISM. No relatives employed by Douglas County or in any related elected office already governing you.
  • INTERPERSONAL SKILLS. I’m a naturally warm and friendly person who is not only easy to talk to, but who will actually listen to you and care. I will stand up for your values but also get along great with staff and my fellow Commissioners.

I believe in being extremely accessible so feel free to call or text me directly anytime on my personal cell phone at 720.255.9161, visit me at abeforcommissioner.com or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

Thank you and God Bless,